Thanks to our team conveniently located from coast to coast, as well as our privileged contacts with important suppliers, we offer you a comprehensive overview of the market in just a few minutes.

On-Time Delivery

Thanks to our dedicated logistics team and our distribution centers, we are committed to providing on-time delivery.

North American Distribution Centers

Our distribution centers are strategically located, enabling us to provide you with our products regardless of where you are located or what you are looking for.

Canada: Saint-Hyacinthe, South-Western Ontario, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver

United States: Chicago, Minneapolis, Oakland, Kansas City

Payment Options

We make customized sales contracts for each customer depending on their needs and their budget. We are also committed to providing rapid and flexible payment to our suppliers.


Tough markets inspire entrepreneurial drive. By taking charge of the customs files, our logistics and sales teams deliver throughout North America and look forward to helping your business span overseas.

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